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Susie became fascinated with speckled robins when she saw one building a nest using checkered tarp strands from her neighbor's yard on the light outside her back door. As an artist, she always has been intrigued with patterns and shapes, and as the nest began to build, using not just twigs of brown and beige, she saw a piece of art being formed by the artist herself, the Momma Robin.

That year, and the following years, Susie watched as the nest was prepared and eggs were dropped one by one. It was a sign of Spring. And what was to follow is shown in her photography.

Nature can teach us many things about ourselves.

Susie is a professional leadership coach working closely with high performance companies and individuals. Just like the little robin ready to launch from the nest, she helps prepare clients to take risks and achieve their goals.

2020-05-31 09.25.38.jpg

Susie's favorite

Each time I take a photo, it becomes  my favorite. I'm so fascinated by the beautiful little creatures, I burst with excitement. I love how hard the momma and the papa work to keep the young birds fed and warm. Each time I take a photo, I thank the Momma for sharing her babies with me . . . and with you.

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